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Dear Nordfolkers, this board was active for nearly 10 years now. It was a great and interesting time, but all this has come to an end now. In the last months, there were nearly no new users or posts to Nordfolk. The admins and Mods disappeared too. Since Nordfolk was back online again (05-10-11) after the ban, there were only a few donations to it and the amount of them covered only 1,5 months of all costs. All other costs were covered by a volunteer. Other boards has raised and are more contemporary from topics and technical kind of few, that's why we've decided to close it. Latest in March 2015, the board will be closed. We've talked to a few other boards and come to the conclusion, that will be the right place to be. For this, Altermedia has implemented an international area, where they will create local sections for each country, if requested. If you register there, please send a mail to them to inform them that you're coming from Nordfolk. Thank you to all members and supporters for the good relationship and the great time!

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